Translate customer desires into data-driven initiatives.

Boost your KPIs with the AI-powered platform that solves the misalignment between customer desires, experiences provided and organizational priorities.
APEX HELPS boost engagement, strengthen loyalty and increase revenues.

Decode, Design and Deliver
the Ideal Customer Experience.


Our quick and simple plug-and-play surveys use scientifically formulated questions to decode the hidden emotional factors impacting CX and rate how well you provide the type of experience your customers are seeking.


Using insights from your customer feedback, we help you design a prescriptive approach to business strategies and marketing tactics. We outline the activities needed to prioritize to meet and exceed the expectations your customers have.


Armed with an immediate and progressive measurement of your business and marketing efforts, you can easily identify what is or isn't resonating with your customers, allowing you to adapt quickly and consistently deliver the ideal customer experience.

What Apex Users Have to Say

Yvette Biggs, VP Marketing and Communications, United Way of Calgary and Area
“Working with Apex has been integral to the marketing transformation work within our organization and I believe will benefit the non-profit sector as a whole. By utilizing an evidence-based approach we are able to understand what drives attitudes and beliefs around the behavior of giving and will be able to engage with our audiences in a more meaningful way.
Yvette Biggs
VP Marketing and Communications, United Way of Calgary and Area
Chris Kneeland, Co-Founder
Cult Collective
“Cult partnered with Apex years ago to apply their methodology to measure and score audience engagement. The impact their research has had on our clients is game-changing! With proper insights, we can be both predictive and prescriptive regarding how an organization must behave in order to appeal to key target audiences, and convert customers and staff into cult-like followers.”
Chris Kneeland
Cult Collective

How Apex Helps You Succeed.

It's Prescriptive

Get a complete and in-depth picture of how your customers feel about your company.

Backed by Science

Apex takes the psychology behind your customers’ actions and makes it accessible and useful to your business strategy

Fast & Affordable

You’ll quickly know exactly what your audience needs from you, with access to a year of insights for less than the cost of one night of focus groups

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Use Apex to help you action your audiences' desires and track the success of your efforts.

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For Agencies

Show your clients the true impact of your campaigns beyond typical analytics and get actionable data on how to improve.

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