See your brand through the eyes
of your customer.


Track changes in your customers' attitudes over time


Understand how attitudes drive behaviors


Adjust your strategy and measure results


Earn stronger loyalty and true strategic growth

Your dashboard reveals an overall performance score
We offer actionable suggestions to reach potential score goals
We use 16 feelings and beliefs to evaluate success
“Working with Apex is a great opportunity to put science into action. The fact that it leans so heavily on leading psychological theory and is tested against rigorous statistical modelling should give anyone confidence that what’s being measured is truly what matters most: real audience engagement.”
Nick Hobson, PhD
Behavioral Scientist

How Apex Helps You Succeed

A Prescriptive Score

Get a complete and in-depth picture of how your customers feel about your company with the score that also provides you
with the 'why'

Backed by Science

Marketing is smarter and more predictable when it's guided by behavioral science.
Apex takes the psychology behind your customers’ actions and makes it accessible and useful to your business strategy

Fast & Affordable

You’ll quickly know exactly what your audience needs from you, with access to
a year of insights for less than the cost of one night of focus groups

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Use Apex to help you action your audiences' desires and track the success of your efforts.

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For Agencies

Show your clients the true impact of your campaigns beyond typical analytics and get actionable data on how to improve.

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