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Marketing Metrics for enhanced Brand Engagement

About Us

The people and vision
behind Apex


About Us

The people and vision behind APEX

Human Data Explains Brand Health

Our Beliefs

The Apex Scoring System is brought to you by Emotive Technologies – an organization obsessed with creating harmony between people and the brands and organizations they deal with. We help organizations put into real action the aspiration of being “audience-led”, and that starts by recognizing that people aren’t consumers or employees or donors or members. They are human beings with emotions and a belief system that drives their every move. Our goal is to help organizations develop an authentic connection that makes their most important audiences believe in their brands and act accordingly.

After testing, learning, stumbling, and trying again, we’ve discovered how any brand can easily quantify, explain, and deepen audience engagement. It only took four years. Did we mention we were obsessed?

Helping You Understand Customer Satisfaction

Our Team

About Us

Nick Bond

Co-founder - Product

Drawing on years of marketing strategy experience for prominent Canadian retailers as well as an extensive Market Research background, Nick is the mad-scientist providing accurate and tangible metrics that have a measurable impact on organizations.

About Us

Jordan Van Schyndel

Co-Founder - Technology

Extensive development and a 15 year history of entrepreneurial success drive Jordan to deliver a user-friendly and laser-sharp online product.

About Us

Todd Finch

Co-Founder - Partnerships

Bringing to the table 25 years of experience building innovative, high growth technology businesses that drive transformational market opportunities, Todd is the ideal partner for our client's success.

About Us

Marc Whitehead

Co-Founder - Client Success

Engagement-advocate and a fierce defender of customer-centricity, Marc has extensive experience with an impressive list of national and international clients.

About Us

Caitlin Roberts


With her 1-2 punch of product marketing and CX background, Caitlin doesn't just believe in customer-centricity, she lives and breathes it and brings it to life everyday for us and our clients.

About Us

Nick Hobson


Our very own behavioral scientist brings with him a whole new level of scientific rigor and he's always concocting new and meaningful ways to help our clients better relate with their audiences

About Us

Eryn Chesney

Marketing Manager 

If it's marketing, it's Eryn. With her audience-centric approach, our talented content marketer and creative leader is a genius in taking ideas, making sense of them, and sharing them with the world.