Apex Agency Sector Case Study


The past decade has seen the rise of a new kind of marketing and advertising agency. One that is less about selling and deploying ad or campaign ideas, and more about solving business problems. A specific type of agency in this genre is an audience engagement firm. They are focused on considering business solutions that are audience-centric, by looking at the challenges through the lens of the audience and understanding what success looks like, for sellers and buyers alike. One North American audience engagement firm that has garnered considerable attention, with an iconic client list including the likes of Harley Davidson, GoDaddy, Chili’s and Home Depot, is Cult Collective.


Cult believes that if you want to build a cult-like following of people who demonstrate an irrational connection and affinity to a brand, companies need to think and act differently. They need to make impressions, not buy them. And they need to use attitudinal metrics to uncover, understand, and ultimately address the true drivers of audience engagement. They turned to Emotive Technologies for this.

What CULT has to say

“Few things are as important to a brand than properly understanding what their most important audiences are thinking, feeling, and doing, and how their brand can position itself to best align with their best customers’ values, attitudes and beliefs. No type of customer satisfaction metric or net promoter score can sufficiently answer those questions. So Cult partnered with Emotive years ago to apply their unique methodology to measure and score audience engagement.”

Chris Kneeland, CEO


Cult has come to benefit in a variety of ways from their partnership with Emotive. Apex helps establish what engagement looks like at the inception of a Cult client assignment, so they can have a fact-based, meaningful discussion about the true challenges a client faces. It also provides a trackable metric that can demonstrate successful engagement progress, as Cult implements its thinking over time.

“The impact of Emotive’s research on our clients is literally game-changing” says Kneeland. “With proper audience engagement insights, we can be both predictive, and prescriptive, in regards to how an organization must behave in order to better appeal to key targets, and convert customers or staff into cult-like followers.”

Apex illuminates the benefits of the work Cult does. Perhaps as importantly, it is a door opener to new opportunities because of what it uncovers. Firms like Cult recognize the ability of Apex to unearth new initiatives and spark incremental work. It has been the inspiration to establish fresh projects and work streams that require ongoing attention. And it is often the glue that cements long-lasting client relationships between agencies like Cult and their clients.

Remove the Guesswork From Marketing

Apex Scoring System is the only Customer Experience Measurement Platform that allows you to quantify the strength of your relationship with your audience. It's the truest way to understand your customers so you can drive more loyalty and profitable engagement with them.