Apex Client Stories | Marble Financial


Marble Financial is a Canadian financial technology company that aims to empower marginalized consumers toward a positive financial future. Since its inception in 2016, Marble has been utilizing machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence to provide resources to Canadians struggling with financial stress. Their mission is to break down barriers and guide people towards a clear path of financial well-being. By uncovering how and why Marble Financial resonates with its audience, the company aims to improve its offerings and engage its customers to nourish confidence and financial empowerment.


Marble Financial faced specific challenges in its digital and paid areas as it competes with more prominent players with more significant budgets. Despite considerable work and discovery, they struggled to identify the right audience and find the best-converting leads. To overcome this challenge, Marble needed to understand the attitudes and beliefs of their customers to improve their products and build an engaging customer experience. For this, they turned to Apex.


We partnered with Marble to uncover their best current and potential customers and what drives their loyalty and advocacy. Built on our Apex Score platform, we identified key engagement motivators and developed a sophisticated playbook for greater customer connection. Our three-step approach, including audience profiles, journey mapping, and brand profile development, provided a holistic understanding of engagement, a roadmap from today to the future, and a benchmarking tool to measure success at every milestone forward.

"We can't get this type of customer insight from anywhere else. We have numbers and tracking on the performance side, but getting deep into understanding the behaviors of the customers is really important for us to be successful in this new venture that we're going on" – Rich Elliott, Head of Marketing, Marble Financial


With a laser focus on its newly defined customer audience, Marble made strategic decisions confidently. By implementing our recommendations across their product and owned channels, they achieved a 61% improvement in their Apex Score between mid-2021 and the end of 2022. Within that same span, Marble has strengthened their business and joined another like-minded organization to become one of Canada's top providers of online financial health services and education.