Apex Scoring System: The Basics

Apex Scoring System is the world’s first customer experience measurement platform that allows brands to quantify the strength of their relationship with their audience.

While there are already a few customer experience or satisfaction scores widely accepted and used in the market, such as NPS (net promoter score) or CSAT (customer satisfaction score), the reality is that all of them are missing one key component: The answer to ‘why?’.

This huge gap in knowledge is a problem for brands that we wanted to find a solution for. So we set out to create a platform that would allow marketers to get a deeper look into the hearts and minds of their customers so they could feel confident in taking action to improve the brand-customer relationship. That’s how the Apex Scoring System was born.

We know that in order to get to the heart of why your audience buys your products, engages with your content, or clicks that CTA, you need to understand the feelings and beliefs they hold about your brand. Behavioural science tells us that how we feel and what we believe informs and influences our intentions, and ultimately, our actions. Apex was built on this principle.

What is an Apex Score?

Apex analyzes your brand’s performance on 16 attributes, as well as the desired relationship your audience is seeking to create your Apex Score. Our algorithm uses proven statistical methods like regression modelling to measure these feelings and turn them into a high-level score that’s full of actionable insights so that you can fully understand the attitudes driving the behaviours of your audience. 

Not only does the Apex platform give you a Score, it also gives you measurements for how you’re performing on all of the 16 specific attributes, such as how joyful your customers feel interacting with you, or how distinct they find your brand to be! It opens up a whole new set of KPIs for you to track and measure your brand’s health on.

How does the Apex Scoring System work?

In order to calculate your Score, you need to field our Apex survey questions with your audience and upload your data into the Apex platform. The Apex questions have been scientifically formulated to work with our platform to give you the full picture of your relationship with your customers. The whole thing breaks down to a 3-step process:


  1. Survey your audience

Add the questions that we've scientifically formulated to uncover real feelings and beliefs into your existing survey or research program


  1. Upload your results

Once your survey is complete, you upload your results into the Apex Platform. That's where the magic happens!


  1. Get your Apex Score and insights

Our dashboard will give you access to your Score, plus a whole report that's full of insights to inform your marketing strategy


Ready to improve the relationship with your customers? Reach out to us at success@apexscore.ai and our team can help get you started today! You can also sign-up for free here and spend time exploring our dashboard and a sample report.

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Remove the Guesswork From Marketing

Apex Scoring System is the only Customer Experience Measurement Platform that allows you to quantify the strength of your relationship with your audience. It's the truest way to understand your customers so you can drive more loyalty and profitable engagement with them.