How APEX began

More than just friends in a basement...

The Emotive Company was founded in June of 2019 by four incredibly driven people with complementary skill sets.  A team with expertise in psychology, behavioral neuroscience, data science, attitudinal research and decades of practical technology, marketing and industry expertise all coming together to create something special.

Brand thought leader, speaker, and strategist Marc Whitehead had been pursuing the art and science behind qualifying and quantifying feelings, beliefs and behaviours for a decade.  He was on a mission to discover the human connections that ultimately connect people with brands and drive business success.  In 2016, Marc began collaborating with and developing the core foundations of this methodology with statistical expert Nick Bond based on academic papers, mathematical models, and years of validating experience. Together, they successfully worked with multiple brands and delivered a proven method with a supporting set of proprietary statistical algorithms that would prove to be the underlying foundation for the company.

Years later, Marc and Nick set out to explore how they might develop their capabilities into a more scalable offering.  Along the journey, they met with technology entrepreneur and successful executive coach Todd Finch who immediately related and aligned to the concepts and beliefs and immediately saw a path to a scalable offering.  Todd tapped his friend, technology expert, and serial entrepreneur Jordan Van Schyndel and together, the four constructed a partnership to pursue and build a World Class scoring capability that would help companies navigate the ever shifting and changing business landscape.