2021 Marketing Survey Results

When we surveyed marketers in Canada and the US this fall, we did so with the aim of uncovering the gaps in their toolkits. Due to the ever-changing digital landscape, the marketing world is constantly faced with new pressures and expectations. We all know marketers are smart and resourceful, but we wanted to uncover what strategic needs they have that aren't being addressed by the market today.

Here, we outline some of the key findings from the survey results:

Key Highlights:

Marketers find demonstrating the ROI of brand marketing activities to be complicated

While there are many KPIs that are commonly used for measuring success, there are components of a marketer's work that still remain difficult to demonstrate the ROI for. 76% of the marketers surveyed said that demonstrating the ROI of brand marketing activities is complicated, which reveals the need for different and unique KPIs that can effectively showcase the success of those intangible and untrackable brand efforts.

Companies tend to be very performance-oriented

Having trouble demonstrating the effectiveness of in-market activities is a critical problem for marketers, because 80% of marketers describe their company as being very performance oriented when it comes to marketing. This confirms the need for tools that make it easier for marketers to validate their role by demonstrating the effectiveness of their work.

Marketers are often missing key information but can't take the time to get it

It's clear that having enough information to make strategic decisions and having enough time to get that information is a common problem among marketers. 71% said that they feel like they're often missing important information about their audience when planning campaigns and 78% said they feel like they often have to sacrifice good strategy to get in-market quickly.

Market research is seen as costly and time consuming

While market research is an effective way to gain those necessary insights about customers, 74% of marketers said that they find the cost and time associated to be prohibitive. This reveals a glaring need in the market for effective audience insights at a lower cost and with a faster turnaround.

Being a customer-led organization is difficult

An astounding 82% of marketers agreed that while thinking customer-first is easy, actually being customer-first is difficult. Organizations are in need of tools that allow them to align every department around being truly customer-centric to positively effect their brand and ultimately, the effectiveness of their in-market activity.

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