The Science Behind Apex Scoring System: Our Methodology

Effective customer experience measurement needs to go beyond arbitrary metrics like NPS. Research shows that behavior can be predicted and understood through a series of psychological systems that work in concert to drive a particular action.

Designed over the past 5 years alongside behavioral scientists, psychologists, and major brand leaders, Apex is a CX measurement tool created with that principle in mind. It strives to do one thing (quantify audience relationships) for one purpose (to guide better outcomes for brands and the audiences they seek to engage with). 

The Apex Science

Apex assesses your audience relationships across 16 distinct attitudes (8 emotional, 8 rational) that your audience holds about your brand. Why 16? That came from our testing. We determined that there are 16 relationship-driving ways that any person can relate to any brand in any category. The strength and direction of those attitudes is what defines the relationship they have, and want to have, with you. 

The 16 attitudes Apex measures your brand on are:


We’ve worked hard to make sure getting your Apex Score and insights is very straightforward. From your dashboard, you can access your Apex survey questions - we’ve geared them towards your specific brand and audience. The questions are simply added to any new or existing audience survey, or if you prefer, we can do it for you. 

The Apex survey questions are short, taking most respondents less than 90 seconds to complete. You’ll want to get at least 50 survey responses. As long as the right audience is responding to your survey, there is no rule on the method or frequency of your survey, though most of our clients do it at least quarterly. 

The Apex Algorithm

With survey responses collected, the survey data is uploaded as a raw excel file back into the platform. Our platform then uses a machine learning-enabled regression-based algorithm to determine the importance of the 16 attitudes in driving both brand advocacy and intent to use. Your Apex Score is a function of how well your brand is performing (from direct survey feedback) on the attitudes most important to your audience (according to our algorithm).

With your Apex Score and insights, we will make it clear where your brand’s strengths are, and where there’s work to be done. You’ll also be given a clear set of recommendations, examples, and science-backed explanations for each attitude guiding you on steps you can take to deepen audience engagement. And because it’s all tied to audience behaviors, you know the steps you take from Apex will have a direct impact on your brand’s success. And where a typical research report might take weeks to come back, your Apex report is ready in less than a day.

Tracking Apex over time will allow you to stay ahead of audience trends and expectations, by getting ongoing clear feedback on where you can stay the course, where you should double-down efforts, and where you need to pivot. Beyond overall brand tracking and monitoring, it can also be used in specific applications such as measuring the impact of brand campaigns, validating ad creative, optimizing content, or tracking competitors. 

Remove the Guesswork From Marketing

Apex Scoring System is the only Customer Experience Measurement Platform that allows you to quantify the strength of your relationship with your audience. It's the truest way to understand your customers so you can drive more loyalty and profitable engagement with them.