Apex Guide: Uploading Your Apex Survey Data


ow that you've collected your survey data, it's time to upload it into Apex.

Ready to uncover your APEX Score and start deepening audience relationships?

Follow the brief instructions below to clean your Apex Score Survey data for analysis.

Downloading Your Raw Apex Survey Data

Regardless of what survey tool you used to field your survey, it is important to download all of the data you want to analyze, preferably in a .CSV file format.

In order to receive an accurate Apex Score, we’ll need to do a bit of cleaning to ensure the data file represents what needs to be put into the Apex Platform.

When you download your data file, it should look something like what you see below.

APEX Score Survey Data

In this raw data example, you have:

  • The respondent ID in column A
  • Demographic questions in columns B-E
  • Apex Score Survey question 1 in columns F-W
  • Apex Score Survey question 2 in columns X-Y

Your data file might look a bit different than this, and that’s okay! Upload it into Apex and we’ll help you out with cleaning.

Preparing Your Data

A quick 3 steps will ensure you’re set up for success!

Here are the steps for preparing your CSV file to upload into the Apex Scoring System.

1. Remove any personally identifiable information (PII) like email addresses, names, or phone numbers if you have collected any of these data points in your survey.

2. The first columns in your data file will act as filterable variables. Filterable variables are anything you want to analyze your Apex Score data by, like demographics or pre-determined segments. If you are using filterable variables, please move them to the first columns in your CVS file (in our example, columns B-E will act as our filterable variables).

3. Remove any of the additional questions you may have asked in the survey that are not the Apex Score Survey questions or filterable variables.

Uploading Your Data

To upload your data, login to your APEX Scoring System account and navigate to your Reports List in the APEX Dashboard.

Click Upload Survey Results on the specific report you are uploading data into.

APEX Score Survey Data

Drag and drop your CSV file into the Upload Survey Results field or, click on this area to open the folder where your CSV file is located.

Click Upload and you’re done!

APEX Score Survey Data


Your data has been uploaded into the APEX Scoring System and will deliver your results shortly.

Processing times vary depending on the size of the data set, though it’s typically less than a day.

The APEX Team will email you when your APEX Report is ready for review.

In the meantime, check out our How-to video and learn more about the actionable takeaways you can expect from your APEX Score Report.

Watch the APEX How-To Video

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