APEX Score Survey Checklist

Fielding the APEX Score Survey provides you with a wealth of information on how to best serve and connect with your audience.

We created these checklists to ensure your survey is optimized for high-quality responses and fielded properly so we can deliver your APEX Score promptly.

These checklists are for anyone who is fielding their APEX Survey questions themselves. If you would like The APEX Team to field your APEX Survey for you, reach out to us at success@apexscore.ai.

Pre-Launch Survey Checklist

Ensure your Survey is Programmed Correctly

  • Quality check the questions in your survey to ensure you’ve programmed them with the right question type.  
  • Randomize the row options to help eliminate bias in your APEX Survey questions.
  • Make sure the APEX Survey questions are marked as required to answer (to avoid having gaps in your survey).

Add in a Survey Introduction

  • If you haven’t already, add an introduction to your survey prior to the APEX questions that highlights the value of taking this survey and how meaningful the results are to your team.

Review and Recount Attitude Statements

  • The order you enter the statements from question 1 and question 2 in your APEX Survey document matters when it comes to uploading your data into APEX.
  • Make sure all of the statements in your APEX Survey question document are accounted for in your survey.

DON'T Alter the 7-pt Agreement Scale

  • The 7-point agreement scale is critical to the analysis of your APEX Score. Do not change or alter the scale.
  • Do not add in a “don’t know” option to the 7-pt scale.

Post-Launch Checklist

Download the APEX Data Template

  • Download your APEX Survey Upload Template and instructions for how to prepare your data here
  • Review the processes laid out in the document and use the template located on page two of the workbook

Download a .csv File of your APEX Survey Data

  • Download your data from the Survey tool you’re currently using in a .csv format.
  • If you’re having trouble converting your data file to .csv format, reach out to our team at success@apexscore.ai and someone will help you out.

Prepare and Clean your Data

  • Prepare and clean your data using the guide provided in the Spreadsheet.
  • Download your filled in, cleaned data Spreadsheet as a .csv file.

Login to APEX and Upload your Data

  • Return to the APEX Platform to upload a CSV of your results. On the Dashboard select “Upload Survey Results” and follow the prompts
  • Depending on the size of your file, the upload can take a while.

Success! APEX will email you when your dashboard is ready for review.

Now you’re ready to dig in and explore all of the right takeaways and action items to deepen relationships with your audience.

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