Integrations: Apex + Tableau

We know how important it is to stay in sync with your team as you move from audience research and analysis into strategy. Our goal at Apex is to integrate our platform directly into your suite of audience tracking and measuring tools, making it simple to access your data in one place. 

Connect where your work is already happening | Apex Tableau integration

Tableau customers can now take advantage of the Apex Tableau integration that brings all Apex report data into your Tableau database. Formatted in a similar structure to the platform’s reporting style, the Apex Report data points are transformed into fully manipulatable results for you to conduct further tracking and analysis. 

With the Apex Tableau integration you can:

  • Import all of your calculated Apex report scores into your Tableau database
  • Conduct deeper analysis with other business metrics to determine the impacts of engagement on revenue, churn, etc. 
  • Track and measure Apex over time and set attitudinal KPIs for your business 

A deeper integration stack is coming soon! Check back over the next few months to see if your favorite tools connect with Apex. 

A platform that plays nicely with others | Apex API

Our API allows you to export your Apex Report data into any BI tool,  or repository your customer metrics are tracked in. 

For more information on the Apex API, contact us at

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Apex Scoring System is the only Customer Experience Measurement Platform that allows you to quantify the strength of your relationship with your audience. It's the truest way to understand your customers so you can drive more loyalty and profitable engagement with them.