What is the Apex Scoring System?


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What is the Apex Scoring System?

Apex Scoring System is the world’s first brand tracking platform that helps teams measure the attitudes that drive people to take action, uncover the specific elements of the relationship that need attention, and increase engagement with their audience overall.

In order to get at the heart of why your audience buys your products, engages with your content, or clicks that CTA in an email, we need to understand the feelings and beliefs they hold about you. Behavioural science tells us that how we feel and what we believe informs and influences our intentions, and ultimately, our actions.

Apex’s algorithm uses proven statistical methods like regression modelling to measure these codified beliefs and feelings, and helps you understand the attitudes driving the behaviours of your audience.

What is an Apex Score?

Brand Tracking

Your Apex Score is a unique combination of your audience’s rational beliefs, emotional feelings, and the actions they intend to take with your brand.

Apex analyzes your brand’s performance on these attributes, as well as the desired relationship your audience is seeking to create your Apex Score.

Your Apex Score is comprised of two parts:
  1. Your current Apex Score measures how your brand performs on engagement today.
  2. Your potential Apex Score measures the level of engagement you could have with your audience by converting more fence sitters into loyal advocates.

Think of your Apex Score  as a compliment to the brand health metrics you’re already tracking — by including Apex as a KPI, you create a holistic view of your audience’s behaviours, as well as their attitudes about your brand.

To include your Apex Score as a KPI in your brand health tracking, we suggest leveraging our Engagement Status Ratings to help you benchmark appropriately based on your current and potential Apex Score.

What is an Apex Score Survey?

In order to calculate your Apex Score, we need to field 2 brief survey questions with your audience.

Similar to a standardized survey like NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), your Apex Score Survey is a simple two-question, multivariable survey that includes 18 statements total. These questions should take your audience no more than 90 seconds to answer.

What do we mean by multi-variable questions?

Apex uses a 7-point agreement scale to evaluate the rigorously-tested attitudinal statements with your audience.

How do I field this survey?

  1. Add the questions into a current survey you’re fielding — Apex is an excellent compliment to the brand health metrics you’re already surveying your audience on. Add these two matrix-grid questions into a survey you’re already fielding.
  2. Create a new survey specifically for your Apex questions —  An Apex Survey can also be distributed to your audience on its own.  We recommend adding in a few demographic questions (i.e. household income, gender, age, etc.) specific to your industry  — you can use these attributes to filter and segment your audience more deeply in Apex later.
  3. Or, have the Apex team program and host the survey for you The Apex team would gladly field your survey for you! We’ve got a  team who can quickly program your survey and deliver an anonymous link for you to distribute with your audience.

Reach out to us at success@apexscore.ai to have our team program and host your Apex Survey.

What type of information do I have access to once I field my Apex Score Survey?

Once your survey is out of field, upload it into the Apex platform and within 24 hours you’ll have a full dashboard of actionable takeaways.  

Here’s what you can look forward to once you’ve uploaded your data.

Your current and potential  Apex Score  

Apex gives you benchmarks for measuring attitudinal engagement with your brand over time to understand a snapshot of current engagement, and the engagement potential with your audience.

A diagnostic breakdown of your engagement performance

This highlights the attributes that are most important to driving engagement today, how well your brand is performing on these attributes, and what areas need improvement to create stronger engagement in the future.

Tangible takeaways for improving engagement

We pride ourselves on offering specific ways for you to take action on what you’re learning immediately, with insight into how your brand can make improvements to increase your Apex Score, and ultimately, engagement.

Tracking to measure your Apex Score over time

One Apex Score is good, but multiple Apex Scores tracked over time is best. Our tracking  capabilities reveal how your audience’s perceptions of your brand change as your strategy and tactics change.

How often should I field an Apex Score Survey?

Our recommendation is to field your Apex Score Survey on at least a quarterly basis to ensure you’re keeping a pulse on how audience attitudes are shifting over time. However more scores may be necessary if you are using Apex for testing content, regional pilot projects, or pre/post in-market activity assessments.

We can’t wait to learn more about your business and help you uncover the attitudes shaping the actions of your audience. If you’d like to chat with someone from our team, click here to book a time.

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