How Apex Works

An Apex client reviewing their customer's data.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Apex is not just a brand health metric but part of a prescriptive approach to business strategies and marketing tactics.

Survey your audience

Add the questions that we've scientifically formulated to uncover real feelings and beliefs into your existing survey or research program.

Upload your results

Once your survey is complete, you upload your results into the Apex Platform. That's where the magic happens!

Get Apex insights

Our dashboard will give you access to your Score, plus a whole report that's full of insights to inform your marketing strategy.

Apex integrates with all survey tools, like NPS or Qualtrics.
Our quick and simple plug-and-play surveys combine behavioural science with AI and are as simple to complete as popular CSAT or NPS metrics but reveal so much more.

Powerful on its own, Apex also integrates seamlessly into existing research frameworks. With the simple addition of our survey questions,  you'll gain access to a whole new level of audience insights you've never had before.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Apexdifferent from other brand health metrics?

Unlike other measures of brand health that only track your performance on specific indicators, we show you precisely what areas of your business need attention and what tactics to prioritize to create the customer experience your audience desires. Apex arms you with an immediate and progressive measurement of your business and marketing efforts.

We already use NPS, isn't that good enough?

Apex, like NPS (Net Promoter Score), is built on advocacy being an essential and proven part of CX. However, NPS doesn't tell you why your score is your score and can't tell you how to improve your score. Our scientifically formulated questions uncover the emotional factors influencing CX, providing a complete picture and making it easier to measure the aspects of performance that are difficult to quantify.

How does Apex work? What's the science of it?

Our methodology and technology are powered by decades of academia. They are continuously innovated by our researchers at Harvard and Columbia University, with input from brand leaders, statisticians, behavioral scientists, and everyday people to ensure it is logical, practical, valuable, and actionable. Apexrelies on proven statistical tools like regression modelling from the market research world - no voodoo here, just solid, reliable math. The magic is how our rigorously developed 16 attitudes come together to explain the nature of CX for your organization today and how focusing on a few key areas will deepen loyalty - and organizational performance - tomorrow.

How do I get started?

After a quick chat with us (click "Book a Demo"), we'll send you your Apexsurvey questions. Whether you host the survey or we do it for you, simply get your audience to answer, upload the data, and within hours you'll have a complete CX assessment and profile for your organization.

What are the Apex Questions?

They are two universal multivariable questions that include 18 statements in total. They are identical for all audiences and brands and take the average respondent about 60-75 seconds to answer.

How many people need to respond to the questions to run a score?

With our machine-learning driven algorithm, we only need 50 respondents to run Apex. Typically about 5-10% of a client database will respond to a survey. If your own database is too small, there are often options to purchase external sample. Reach out to us and let's talk options!

Can I add any custom questions to my survey?

If it's your survey that you're programming and managing, then absolutely, the sky's the limit. If you'd like us to program and host the survey for you, additional basic demographic questions are always available. If you'd like something further, we would love to help you out. Reach out and let's discuss what you're looking for.

Can I add the Apex questions to any survey?

Yes, absolutely! The better question is, why shouldn't you add them to every survey?

Is there a way to export results to another BI tool?

Yes! We love our dashboard, but if you have a BI tool you already use to track business metrics, we have the capability using API's to export our data directly to those programs. Contact us and let us know what it is you're looking for.

Can I use it on any stakeholder type?

Yes! Apex clients use the tool for all audience types including end-use consumers, B2B clients, donors, employees, association members, voters, patients, etc. If they are a key audience for you, they are measurable with Apex.

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