A snapshot of the a grouped of people reviewing the analytics Apex provides on what areas of CX and EX need to be focused on.

Translate customer desires into data-driven initiatives.

Apex™ is the only Customer Experience Measurement Platform that uses insights from customer and employee feedback to identify revenue opportunities immediately while measuring the progression and relevance of marketing activities and business goals over time.
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Audience Relationships. Quantified.

Apex is not just a brand health metric but a fundamental business and marketing strategy development tool.

The insights Apex provides go far beyond NPS, translating them into actionable business strategies and removing the "WHY" from your decision-making.  
A snapshot of the Apex emotional and rational attitudes that help identify what areas of CX and EX need to be focused on.
A snapshot of the Apex score that help identify what areas of CX and EX need to be focused on.

How Apex Helps you Succeed.

Backed by Science.

Apex takes the psychology behind your customers’ actions and makes it accessible and useful to your business strategy so you can determine exactly what marketing activities to prioritize to achieve the ideal customer experience.


Apex is not just a brand health metric but part of a prescriptive approach to business strategies and marketing tactics. You'll get a data-driven snapshot of what, where, when and why your marketing activities are (or aren't) resonating with your audience.

Insights in Hours.

Whether you host the survey or we do it for you,  within hours you'll have a complete CX assessment and profile for your organization. You'll quickly know exactly what your audience needs from you, with access to a year of insights for less than the price of a focus groups.

Get More Out of Your Audience Research.

Apex integrates with all survey tools, like NPS or Qualtrics.
Our quick and simple plug-and-play surveys combine behavioural science with AI and are as simple to complete as popular CSAT or NPS metrics but reveal so much more.

Powerful on its own, Apex also integrates seamlessly into existing research frameworks. With the simple addition of our survey questions,  you'll gain access to a whole new level of audience insights you've never had before.


Get Started in Three Easy Steps.

Survey Your Audience.

Add our short series of scientifically-formulated questions into your existing survey or research program.

Upload Your Results.

Once your survey is complete, you upload your results into the Apex Platform. That's where the magic happens!

Get Apex Insights.

Our dashboard will give you access to your Score, plus a whole report that's full of insights to inform your marketing strategy

A snapshot of the Apex emotional and rational attitudes that help identify what areas of CX and EX need to be focused on.

Apex Identifies What Aspects of Your CX Need to be Prioritized So you Can:

Keep track of your brand's health
Validate your ad creatives
Measure the impact of your brand campaigns
Optimize your content
Develop better competitive analyses
Create more meaningful audience profiles
Chris Kneeland, Co-Founder
Cult Collective
“Cult partnered with Apex years ago to apply their methodology to measure and score audience engagement. The impact their research has had on our clients is game-changing! With proper insights, we can be both predictive and prescriptive regarding how an organization must behave in order to appeal to key target audiences, and convert customers and staff into cult-like followers.”

Cult Collective Ltd.
Yvette Biggs, VP Marketing and Communications, United Way of Calgary and Area
“Working with Apex has been integral to the marketing transformation work within our organization and I believe will benefit the non-profit sector as a whole. By utilizing an evidence-basedapproach we are able to understand what drives attitudes and beliefs around the behavior of giving and will be able to engage with our audiences in a more meaningful way.
YVETTE BIGGS, VP Marketing & Communications
United Way of Calgary and Area

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