Find out how
your customers
really feel about you.

Apex Scoring System is the only Customer Experience Measurement Platform that allows you to quantify the strength of your relationship with your audience. It's the truest way to understand your customers so you can drive more loyalty and profitable engagement with them.
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Audience relationships. Quantified.

Supercharge your marketing strategy by getting a real look into the hearts and minds of your customers. Apex is a superior customer engagement metric to NPS or CSAT because it's the only one that uses behavioral science principles to give you the 'why' behind your score.

Uncover the 'why' behind all of your customer's actions.

See your brand through
a new lens

Get a complete and in-depth picture of how your customers feel when they're interacting
with your company.

Make science-based

Marketing is smarter and more predictable when it's guided by behavioral science. Apex takes the psychology behind your customer's actions and makes it accessible and useful to your business strategy.

Get insights in
just hours

You'll quickly know exactly what your audience needs from you, with access to a year of insights for less than the price of a night of focus groups.

Get more out of your audience research.

Apex is designed to fit directly into your existing research or survey framework. With the simple addition of our survey questions, we'll be able to give you access to a whole new level of audience insights you've never had before.
Not currently doing audience research? No problem, we can help you get up and running.

Get started in three easy steps

Survey your audience

Add our short series of scientifically-formulated questions into your existing survey or research program

Upload your results

Once your survey is complete, you upload your results into the Apex Platform. That's where the magic happens!

Get Apex insights

Our dashboard will give you access to your Score, plus a whole report that's full of insights to inform your marketing strategy

Apex reveals what aspects of your customer relationships are important so you can:

Keep track of your brand's health
Validate ad creative
Measure the impact of your brand campaigns
Optimize your content
Develop better competitive analyses
Create more meaningful audience profiles
Chris Kneeland, Co-Founder
Cult Collective
The impact of their research on our clients is literally game-changing. With proper audience engagement insights, our agency can be both predictive and prescriptive, in regards to how an organization must behave in order to better appear to key targets, and convert customers into cult-like followers.
Chris Kneeland
Co-Founder, Cult Collective

Remove the guesswork from your marketing.