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Quae fuerit causa, mox videro; interea hoc epicurus in malis. Quid ex ea quid aut quid aut quid iudicat, quo ignorare vos arbitrer.

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Alii autem, quibus ego cum soluta nobis est laborum et dolore disputandum putant. In oculis quidem se texit, ne ad naturam aut reiciendis.
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Peter Simpson

Founder, CEO
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Heather Clark

Certe ertinax non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt, ut aut quid sit id, quod omnium philosophorum sententia tale debet esse, ut et iusto odio.
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Marc Whitehead

Engagement-advocate and a fierce defender of customer-centricity, Marc has extensive experience with an impressive list of national and international clients.
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Nick Bond

Drawing on years of marketing strategy experience for prominent Canadian retailers as well as an extensive Market Research background, Nick is the mad-scientist providing accurate and tangible metrics that have a measurable impact on organizations.
PR Manager
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Alison Wong

Certe ertinax non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt, ut aut quid sit id, quod omnium philosophorum sententia tale debet esse, ut et iusto odio.
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Todd Finch

Bringing to the table 25 years of experience building innovative, high-growth technology businesses that drive transformational market opportunities, Todd is the ideal partner for our client's success.
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Jordan Van Schyndel

Extensive development and a 15 year history of entrepreneurial success drive Jordan to deliver a user-friendly and laser-sharp online product.
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Caitlin Roberts

With her 1-2 punch of product marketing and CX background, Caitlin doesn't just believe in customer-centricity, she lives and breathes it and brings it to life everyday for us and our clients.
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Nick Hobson

Our very own behavioral scientist brings with him a whole new level of scientific rigor and he's always concocting new and meaningful ways to help our clients better relate with their audiences.
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Eryn Chesney

If it's marketing, it's Eryn. With her audience-centric approach, our talented content marketer and creative leader is a genius in taking ideas, making sense of them, and sharing them with the world.
Clients about us
"Webflow is the future of website design and front-end, and Elastic Themes helps to shape that future today by creating some great templates."
Denis Pakhaliuk
CEO of Ramotion

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