Marketing Lead

We're seeking an experienced B2B marketer to be a leader within our company and help take us into our next stage of growth. As the marketing lead, you'll be focused on amplifying our demand generation capabilities. You will be responsible for helping increase our brand presence in-market, and for driving new leads for the sales team. We’re seeing speedy growth and need someone that can continue to drive excitement in Apex. Someone with good judgment and a keen eye for detail. Someone that knows how to get the best out of digital platforms and marketing resources, to grow our sales funnel. Someone organized and strategic who feels at home in a leadership role, working closely alongside the company founders, and with the confidence to share their own ideas and process that will make us all better.

The Role:

The ideal candidate should have the passion to thrive in a start-up environment. The primary function of the Marketing Lead is to drive all marketing activities across the company with close collaboration with Sales and Product. Leading outside support and growing internal team members as we grow and require more people. There are three big buckets of work we need this person to lead and manage:

1) Drive demand
Work with our internal and external teams to drive and convert traffic to our website using primarily digital and social channels.

2) Orchestrate content development
The content people see on our website, in our product, in our knowledge guide, and on social media is what will continue to make Apex a great experience. It has to be awesome.

3) Nurture our clients
We love our clients and we need them to not just subscribe, but to stay engaged and feel as valued as they are. Our email and CRM strategy will be a big part of how we bring this to life.

Who are you?

  • 5+ years working in a marketing environment, preferably B2B, preferably marketing SaaS / online products and solutions
  • Proven ability to generate leads and drive towards key marketing KPIs
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to turn ideas into marketing outreach and lead the development and execution of lead-generating marketing campaigns across
    channels like: website, social, paid digital and email
  • A decent human being who cares a lot about the work they attach themselves to
  • Someone who loves the words: “empty whiteboard” and “complicated problem”
  • Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit excited by seeing how they are contributing to something bigger
  • Someone organized with a good head for numbers, budgets, and performance
  • Experience working in a tech-focused organization and a passion for learning new technologies and systems
  • A person who’s willing to try, willing to fail (read: learn), and willing to try again.
  • Someone that takes things seriously. But only some things. Not most things. Most things aren’t serious

What do you get?

  • Well first, you’d be surrounded by a really nice group of people. We like to have fun, we celebrate our successes, and we support each other through challenges
  • You’ll enjoy a competitive pay package and benefits
  • You’ll have a real budget to work with.
  • You’ll have the chance to run with your good ideas. No layers of approvals to navigate here.
  • Work remotely from wherever you want... well, as long as there’s internet.

About Apex:

Here at Apex, we spend a lot of time talking about relationships, and more specifically loyalty. Not yell-at-you-till-you-give-it-to-me loyalty, and definitely not points-points-points-credit-card loyalty. But real ride-together-die-together loyalty. The kind that lives at the core of every great marriage, friendship, and 90’s action movie.

We dwell on it so much that, for the past 5 years, we’ve built the Apex Scoring System product and a team of people tasked to not only define loyalty, but figure out what it’s made of, how we can measure it, and how we can improve it. Call it our obsession. We believe that if there was more real loyalty between customers and brands, donors and non-profits, and employees and employers, the world would just be a happier place. No one getting taken advantage of, no one feeling sold to, and everyone just being exactly where they want to be.

Intrigued? Awesome, apply today!

Please send your cover letter and resume to: