The apex roadmap

Take your Apex Score to the next level


Roadmap helps you see the relationships with your most important audiences through a fresh lens.

Your Apex Score uncovers what engagement looks like today, and what it could look like in its ideal state in the future, but what if you need guidance in charting a path forward? Apex Roadmap is just that: A pathway to better audience engagement.
Audience segmentation

Better Segmentation and Personas

Currently, most brands base their customer segmentation on demographics and user behaviors, but we’ve developed a better method. Attitudinal segmentation understands the motivations that are driving your customers, giving you a total 360 view of them. Forget segmenting them by their location or job title, imagine being able to group your customers based on who they are and how they feel!

Apex Roadmap also gives you the insights you need you to build out your audience personas using data, with a deep and descriptive analysis of what motivates them and drives them. This helps break down internal barriers so your whole team can focus on one audience, informing strategy in all of the departments within your organization.

Journey Mapping

In-Depth Journey Mapping

We like to call this your marketing plan on a page. The Apex Journey Map illustrates all of the touch points in your marketing funnel and how your customers feel during each of them. You’ll know which aspects of your brand are the most important to your customer and exactly what you need to do next to improve your relationships with them.

Brand profiling

Customer-Led Brand Profiling

Your purpose statement needs to be created through the lens of your audience. Apex Roadmap's detailed profiling tells you what role you play in the life of your customers and
how you need to show up to be the best brand for that audience so you can bring it to life in-market. It's strategy you can actually strategize on and audience insights that are translated into action you can take tomorrow. 

What you'll get

The Complete Brand Engagement Solution

With Apex Roadmap, you'll get:

  • An Apex Score and a one-year Unlimited Apex Subscription
  • An attitudinal segmentation of your audience
  • A journey map that clearly outlines your audience’s journey with you
  • A detailed profile outlining how your brand needs to show up to be most engaging
  • A series of in-market ideas demonstrating how you can get your key audiences to lean into your brand

Remove the guesswork from your marketing.

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