For Employee Engagement

An Apex client reviewing their customer's data.

Deliver the promise of being a great place to work

Make better decisions and drive meaningful improvements to the workplace by uncovering what your employees are seeking in their relationship with your organization.

Be proactive
By the time you’re aware of workplace issues, it’s often too late to meaningfully address it. Apex helps you recognize trends and take action before retention and productivity start trending in the wrong direction.
Understand your employees
The things your customers love about you are often the same as your employees. Find alignment to keep your staff fully engaged and turn them into your biggest advocates.
Attract the right fit
When you have insight into what your employees value, you can turn that into a meaningful hiring strategy. Add great talent, cultural fits, and people that will stay with you for the long haul.
Maintain a light touch
Heavy handed employee engagement programs can have the opposite of the intended effect. Apex’s 2-question survey ensures your employees have a venue to express themselves without being burdensome.
Earning a deeper understanding of your employees shouldn’t be a stress on your bottom line. Apex has an affordable flat-rate module that helps you monitor employee engagement regularly, so you can react accordingly.
Real-time responses
No more checking in on your employees every six months or so. Apex earns you a clear line of sight into real-time employee engagement, so you can measure, adjust, and react to issues as they arise.
Chris Kneeland, Co-Founder
Cult Collective
“Cult partnered with Emotive years ago to apply their Apex methodology to measure and score audience engagement. The impact of their research on our clients is literally game-changing. With proper audience engagement insights, we can be both predictive and prescriptive, in regards to how an organization must behave in order to better appeal to key targets, and convert customers or staff into
cult-like followers.”
Chris Kneeland
Co-Founder, Cult Collective

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